A trusted, cost-effective digital preservation repository

Merritt is an open-source digital preservation repository maintained by the University of California Curation Center (UC3) at the California Digital Library (CDL).

Merritt is designed for both restricted access (also known as “dark archive”) and open public access to digital content. Merritt provides multiple methods for deposit, supports multiple metadata formats, and provides preservation functions and reporting.

Merritt is available to all members of the University of California community to assist in managing, archiving, and/or sharing digital content.

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Merritt can help you manage, preserve, and provide access to your digital content. Read more information about how Merritt works:

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Merritt is available for use by libraries, archives, museums, academic departments, laboratories, and other organizational units of the University of California.

Trusted Repository

Merritt is a CoreTrustSeal-certified digital repository.